Intro to Yoga with Monica Benassi
6 week series beginning Saturday, October 18th
Time: 1:15 - 2:30pm - Dates: October 18 through November 22

This six weeks series on the introduction of yoga is designed to make students feel comfortable, safe, and more knowledgable in regards to practicing yoga. The practice of yoga will be focused on as more than just the postures, although work with various sequences and poses will be taught. Monica will bring her knowledge from training in a traditional ashram (spiritual monastery) to teach others the background of yoga and where this ancient practice comes from and how many are still using it today as a way of life. She will also teach various aspects of traditional hatha yoga such as pranayama (breath work), mediation, and yoga asana (or poses) as well as give an understanding to many paths or styles of yoga. Although there will be a focus on the traditional sense of yoga, Monica is very well trained in what her teacher calls "yoga medicine" and she believes each person benefits most from a practice that is individualized to his needs which will lead Monica to discuss the human anatomy and makeup to better help others understand why the practice of each person will never look the same and how to understand what will work best for the individual. In this series be prepared to learn yoga on a whole: where it comes from and what scriptures are used as yogic texts as well as ancient practices and kriyas (cleansing acts) and furthermore how to individualize the practice and use yoga as medicine to better suite and benefit personal needs. This series will be interactive with lectures, open discussion, and physical practice

Breathe and Heal with Layne Neville
Yoga Therapist, M.A. Psychology and RYT-500
5 week series beginning Friday, November 7th
Time: 6-8pm - Dates: November 7 through December 12 (No class day after Thanksgiving)

This 5-session series uses breath and gentle movement to relax and calm the mind and nervous system. 30% of the population identifies a persistent pain difficulty at some point in their adult lives. It could be knees that continue to ache after surgery, sciatica, or the aftermath of a car accident... Or maybe the cause cannot be identified at all. Persistent pain is not due to the tissues, but rather to a cranky nervous system. Whether you have persistent pain or would just enjoy a yoga class using soft, slow, gentle movement with a focus on breath, this workshop is for you.

Introduction to Yoga with Layne Neville
Yoga Therapist, M.A. Psychology and RYT-500
6 week series beginning Wednesday, October 15th
Time: 6-7:15pm - Dates: October 15 through November 12

This 6-week series introduces the basic components of yoga including breath, poses, meditation and basic philosophy. Whether you have never practiced yoga before and are curious to learn more or have some experience but would enjoy the luxury of getting back to the basics, this class is for you.

Hip and Low Back Workshop
with Layne Neville
Yoga Therapist, M.A. Psychology and RYT-500
3 week series beginning Sunday, November 2nd
Time: 4-6pm - Dates: November 2 through November 16

This 3-series workshop uses traditional yoga poses and and yoga therapy techniques to align, strengthen and open the hips and low back. The hips are the foundation of the entire body, providing a cradling floor for all internal organs and the spine, outlets for waste, and provision for procreation. Misalignment, weakness, and tightness have undesired implications such as poor balance, incontinence, backache, and poor posture, just to name a few. Whether you are a man or a woman, and regardless of yoga experience, this class is for you.

Back to Basics with Jayme Johns
4 week Intro to yoga series beginning Sunday, October 19th
Time: 10:45am - 12pm - Dates: October 19 through November 9

This is a comprehensive class where beginners can learn the basics of yoga philosophy, postures (asana), and breathing (pranayama). This class supports building community as well as individual empowerment. Instruction focuses on building an understanding of the principles of H?atha yoga from a physical, mental, and spiritual standpoint. Safety and effectiveness of alignment in the postures will be emphasized, as well as the power and support of the breath. Introduction to the basic postures of vinyasa (flow) and Surya Namaskara (sun salutations) may be included. This series will prepare students for both a basic and open levels classes and is sequential in nature, so students are strongly encouraged to attend all classes. Pre-registration is required. Register early to reserve your spot!
Jayme Johns holds a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification from YogaSource as well as a Yin yoga certification from Urban Breath Yoga. She has studied and practiced yoga for many years, as well as having an extensive background in dance. Jayme uses her skills to create a nurturing and safe space for her students.

Saturday Class Change
Yoga Basics with JennTara Ward
Beginning on Saturday September 20th, JennTara's Yoga Basics class will start at 9:15am and her 1:15pm class is cancelled. Remember to check MindBody online by clicking on the "schedule" button to stay updated on all class and instructor changes.

Community Kirtan (Bhakti Yoga) Led by Michael Webb
Come chant with us!
Open your heart with the YogaSource community at this monthly Kirtan, held the first Sunday of every month.
This is a donation based Kirtan that no one will ever be turned away from; just give what you can.
Time: 7:00-9:00pm. Donations welcome.

Please note: Before you begin any form of yoga, please tell your teacher or call the studio ahead if you have any medical conditions, especially high blood pressure, detached retina, glaucoma, recent surgery, disc problems, injury or pregnancy. Often there are specific poses your teacher can offer for other concerns such as bad knees, muscle strain and wrist injury. Please follow any directions your teacher gives regarding modifications. Listen to your body and if you have pain, let the teacher know. Lastly, please get your doctor's approval for serious medical conditions, physical disabilities, and recent injury or surgery. You can offer to let your instructor know of menopause and menstruation concerns as well.

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